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Pastor George

Staff | Pastor George Bunnell


Pastor George Bunnell
Lead Pastor
Pastor's blog»


My mission statement in life is “Making A Difference--pulling people out of the fire”. At 19 years of age my life hit rock bottom after colliding head on with another vehicle in western North Dakota.  My question in life was, “If I died would I go to heaven?”


Immediately following the accident I began my quest for answers for my life! I was lonely and bound to many addictions.  Also, being angry made me not like who I was!


One night I was walking out of a friend’s home, I noticed a book in the garbage can that I retrieved and took home to read! The book, as you may have guessed was the book of life, the Bible!  As I began to read it, it was reading me!  The questions about life were daily being answered as I read it! 


Today, thirty some years later that same book continues to change lives as I expound every week in a real & relevant way.


My journey as a pastor has not at all been an easy one. At the age of thirty two, I became a single dad raising three children and being pastor of a little church in Northern Minnesota.  In my forties, God gave me a great partner for life, Brenda, who serves in ministry alongside me. We enjoy Kaylee, our adopted daughter from China and our three grown children and their mates along with six grandchildren! I call that blessed!


I have a great passion to lead people to Christ every day and travel yearly to conduct evangestic outreaches in India & Africa.


Oh, I love to Fish!